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Voices Co. is New Zealand’s first and only POP a cappella academy.

WE are passionate about HELPING EVERY PERSON FIND THEIR VOICE - starting with you!


Based in Christchurch NZ, VOICES CO. is the country's first and only Academy to specialise in pop a cappella! Inspired by music like Pentatonix, the Pitch Perfect movies, and NZ's rich choral tradition,  at Voices Co. we are passionate about seeing singers of all ages EQUIPPED with the very best in vocal training, ENCOURAGED in their passion for music, and EMPOWERED to find their voice.

In an era of auto-tune and synthetic sound, to experience truly ‘live’ a cappella is a rare thing, but that’s exactly what makes Voices Co. so unique - we are essentially a vocal-only pop band, with every note, beat and sound created live, using only the voice! 

From private tuition and open classes, through to specialist pop a cappella ensembles, we have something for singers of all ages and stages (check out our list of classes / ensembles here!).

Pop A Cappella

Pop A Cappella is a style like no other! We are essentially a vocal-only pop band, with every note, beat and sound created live, using only the voice! 

A cappella harmony itself has been around for centuries and has reinvented itself over and over again! Simply put, the term ‘a cappella’ refers to singing without accompaniment - though the literal translation of the word is actually 'in the style of the chapel'.

A cappella singing is hugely beneficial in the development of aural musicianship skills, especially in helping understand pitch and tuning - and it’s also just outrageously fun!!!

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Learn It / Do It / Share It

While we specialise in pop a cappella ensembles, that’s not all that we do! At Voices Co. we offer a full spectrum of vocal training, classes and ensembles.

Our programme is structured so that we can offer vocal development opportunities to anyone at any level, from beginners right through to experienced professionals. Depending on where you’re at, we can make sure you’re in a space that gives you exactly what you need, when you need it!

Whatever the class or ensemble, we make sure our vocalists are equipped with all the tools of the trade: covering all aspects of vocal technique, musicianship, and group harmony right through to vocal percussion, performance artistry, and even beatboxing!

So where do I start?

Check out the list of classes and ensembles we have on offer here!