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Private Tuition


Private Tuition



At Voices Co. we offer both private / itinerant lessons and group lessons. We are passionate about developing well rounded and experienced musicians, as well as great performers - for vocalists, as with any musician, this includes a strong foundation in vocal technique, performance capability, musicianship, as well as the practical side of developing your own ‘instrument’ - your voice!

We are lucky to have some of NZ's leading vocal practitioners on our team. Our experienced and highly-qualified vocal tutors believe that every voice deserves to be heard, and every singer deserves the opportunity to find their voice! More information on our current tutors can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Along with teaching the fundamentals of singing, our tutors are also available to prepare students for:

  • Formal examinations (both Royal Schools and Trinity College)
  • Auditions
  • School or tertiary assessments
  • Solo and group performance

To enquire about private or group lessons, or about booking a  Voices Co. tutor to deliver itinerant lessons at your school, please get in touch using the button below.

Private Lessons

prices startING from $40

Private lessons focus on assessing a student's individual strengths and weaknesses, and working with them to achieve specific goals. We set our students up with a thorough knowledge of their 'instrument' (physiology of the voice), as well as equipping them with the skills to operate their instrument effectively,  and developing the confidence and musicality to craft their sound.

Private lessons are delivered in a 1:1 format. Students are given a regular lesson time for the term, with weekly lessons of either 30min or 45min duration. Each student has a lead tutor for the term, and will also usually have 1 or 2 lessons with one of our other vocal practitioners as well. 

Private lessons are great for anyone wanting targeted assistance and development as a solo singer, and who is keen to really invest time and practice into themselves and their voice.

Group Lessons

prices startING from $20

For older students keen to ace the fundamentals of singing in a less formal environment, we also offer an 'Open' vocal class with Julian Hay, which encourages learning and development in a group setting. 

Open Class is a really fun, interactive class that uses ensemble music to develop strong vocal technique, as well as a wide range of skills beyond just solo performance - particularly aural and harmony skills that help singers learn how to interact with other vocal parts. 

Group lessons are great for anyone keen on developing foundational vocal skills in a less exposed setting, and at a more relaxed pace. Ideal for singers in bands, choirs, or church music teams, our Open Class is available year-round. Enrolment is on a per-term basis and is open to anyone aged  17+. 

Goal-setting is a really important part of each singer's vocal journey, and has a big impact on the speed at which a student progresses, so every 6 months we host a Student Exhibition that we encourage all our private and itinerant students to participate in.


MID-YEAR STUDENT EXHIBITION:   6pm - 7pm Thursday 5th JULY @ ORANGE studios, 1063 Ferry Rd, Woolston.

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