Voices Co. is New Zealand’s first and only contemporary a cappella academy. WE are passionate about HELPING EVERY PERSON FIND THEIR VOICE - starting with you!


Based in Christchurch NZ, VOICES CO. is the country's first Academy to specialise in contemporary a cappella!

Inspired by music like Pentatonix, the Pitch Perfect movies, and NZ's rich choral tradition,  at Voices Co. we are passionate about seeing singers of all ages EQUIPPED with the very best in vocal training, ENCOURAGED in their passion for music, and EMPOWERED to find their voice.

From private tuition and open classes, through to specialist contemporary a cappella ensembles, we have something for singers of all ages and stages!

What we do

Simply put, the term ‘a cappella’ refers to singing without accompaniment, though the literal translation of the word is actually 'in the style of the chapel'.


A cappella harmony itself has been around for centuries and has reinvented itself over and over again!  

At Voices Co. we train our vocalists in all aspects of contemporary singing and contemporary a cappella, from the more traditional elements such as vocal technique, musicianship, group harmony right through to vocal percussion, performance artistry, and even beatboxing!

The addition of more 'contemporary' elements such as beat-boxing and vocal instrumentation has helped reintroduce a cappella singing to pop culture and open up an even broader range of opportunities to those willing to take up the challenge!

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Learn It / Do It / Share It


Voices Co. Academy uses a tiered training approach. We offer three streams of training: Open Classes, non-auditioned Crews, and our professional-level auditioned Squads.

Our programme is structured so that we can offer contemporary a cappella and contemporary vocal training to anyone at any level, from beginners right through to experienced professionals.

We also love to celebrate the hard work and talent of our students, and a the end of each Semester (July / Dec) we hold an Academy Show featuring all our different ensembles!